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New Zealand Secret Wakame Seaweed.
Independently Laboratory tested in America as The Purest Seaweed on the planet

New Zealand Secret Wakame is one of the only totally sustainable seaweed harvested in the world. Independent American laboratory tests have shown that New Zealand Secret’s Wakame is purer than any of the other 21 major international suppliers who commercially produced seaweed, so we treat this natural wonder with the respect it deserves.

We harvest the soft fronds from the pristine waters and pollution-free atmosphere of New Zealand’s Tasman region.

We then cold-press them to gather their rich goodness. We then sensitively blend them, using clear, pure water that melts into local lakes from ancient glaciers.

We then enhance their effectiveness even further by softly adding selected natural ingredients with proven rejuvenating properties.

New Zealand Secret has the exclusive rights to this laboratory-tested, sustainably harvested, pure, concentrated, natural wonder.

Empowering Beauty Through Nature

Our vision is to empower women of all ages by encouraging self-love and balance. After all, empowerment is the outward, authentic expression of strength and beauty. At New Zealand Secret, we are committed to an idea of beauty that is found in nature, and built upon the twin principles of harmony and equilibrium. We believe our skincare products embody this natural grace and beauty.

The ingredients in our anti-aging products are locally sourced and sustainably harvested. We are proud to support our local communities and want to celebrate the natural resources we are blessed with by sharing this gift with the world. It is our responsibility to be kind, gentle, and the best version of ourselves by loving our skin and ourselves the way nature intended.

The New Zealand Secret range includes a cleanser, eye cream, anti-aging toner, anti-aging day cream, anti-aging night cream and regenerating collagen serum. All of our products are layered with soothing ingredients that have nourishing properties to restore skin’s youthful appearance. Try our natural, anti-aging skincare products for yourself to feel the difference.

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