Caring For Your Skin at Work

Long day at work? Shiny skin?

Oily and combination skin types need special care, especially on long work days with back-to-back commitments. If you have oily or combination skin and you know you’re in for a long day, apply your sunscreen or make-up with a sponge. This helps it penetrate your skin and prevents it from taking on that glossy look later in the day. A few extra minutes taken on application will help keep your skin looking good all day long.

And use a toner just before you apply your sunscreen or make-up – you’ll find it hugely effective in preventing your skin from becoming shiny.

Exfoliate your skin, but do it for longer, NOT harder.

Stressed about tomorrow’s meeting?

Stress is the enemy. Sometimes it’s inevitable, so it’s how you deal with it that counts. If you find yourself feeling anxious about tomorrow’s important meeting and notice your skin is becoming dull and tired-looking, it’s time to take charge. Exfoliate your skin, but do it for longer, NOT harder. And if you’re coping with stress over a longer period, allow yourself the time to massage your skin with face exfoliation products longer than you normally do. And do so at least three times a week. Then after rinsing, pamper your skin with serum. Nurturing yourself with this simple facial is restorative – not just for your skin, but for your soul as well.

Too much sun when you’re on the run?

If your work takes you outdoors and under the sun, never skip your eye cream. The area around your eyes is extremely sensitive, as the skin is thinner and more susceptible to irritation. And always wear UV protection shades: they protect this most sensitive skin area, as well as your eyes.

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