New Zealand Secret is committed to an idea of beauty that is founded in nature, and built upon twin principles of harmony and equilibrium.

We are inspired by the grace and beauty of the natural world and we cherish it in all that we develop and produce.

We use only natural ingredients, sustainably harvested and gently processed with care and attention. We add nothing artificial.

By devoting ourselves to beauty we encourage our customers to take care of themselves, to respect the world’s delicate balance and care for it as they care for themselves and those they love.


Every box we pack bears a unique QR code so you can verify its authenticity, the date on which it was packed, the ingredients it contains and its limited edition number. You can find all this information simply by scanning the QR code on the packaging with your phone.

protecting your cream

We mount all our products on a sustainably sourced hardwood base for extra stability. And all jars have a re-sealable lid in the base of the packaging, which you can use when you have broken the safety seal to protect the cream from exposure to the air.

expert care

If you have any questions about New Zealand Secret™, what inspires us, our products, how we produce them and which ones are best for your skin contact our skincare experts: [email protected]


Mona Masouminia
CEO & Co-Founder

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