New Zealand Secret Eye Cream concentrate

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Anti-Dark Circle, Anti Puffiness, Brightening

The skin around the eye is extremely delicate, so we have developed a luxurious Anti-Aging Eye Cream to strengthen and support the skin tissue to give it a remarkable remodelling effect. A harmonious combination of essential oils and Our New Zealand Wakame to melt deep into the skin, enveloping the entire area, all the way to the temples. The skin absorbs these natural ingredients to restore density to the eye contour area.

30ml – Anytime Care

Essential Active Ingredients
  • Magnesium Aspartate and Zinc Gluconate (Anti-Pollution): New Zealand Secret has designed the most essential ingredients that delicate skin around the eyes need. These luxurious ingredients are the combination of Zinc and Magnesium and have been designed and formulated to deliver benefits into skin.

    No matter what your age it provides vitality, skin aging prevention, protection against stress and pollution, visibly improves skin texture and reduces deep wrinkles by increasing the oxygen immediately available to the skin and blocks free radicals.

    They make use of ATP or Adenosine Triphosphate which is the primary energy carrier in all living organisms on earth so when this is broken down it drives the various cellular processes production and epidermis turnover in 24h.

    Combining it with Our New Zealand Secret Wakame evens out and restore density to the eye contour area. It smooths fine lines and wrinkles, firms the eye contour and visibly reduces dark circles and puffiness.

  • Euphrasia (Eye brighten flower): Best treatment for under-eye puffiness and dark circles. It counteracts inflammation and reduces mucous drainage.

    The combination between Euphrasia and Our Wakame in New Zealand Secret Eye Cream creates extraordinary nutrition for around the area of the eyes. It brighten skin by renewing those darker cells to new bright cells.

  • ConeFlower Extract (Anti Puffiness): New Zealand certified organic grown Rare Purple coneflower extract has greater anti-inflammatory properties than the stock standard commercial material used by 99% of manufacturers. It can prevent tissues and cells from toxic inflammations. Our special lab prepared extract is designed for reducing the puffiness around the eyes and tissue regeneration therefore reducing fine lines.

    Our extract has the ability to revitalize the skin, primarily because of its effect on tissue regeneration.

How to apply

Use New Zealand Secret special Spatula to apply a very small (pea size) amount of the Eye Cream and dab around the eye area. Gently tap in the cream to stimulate circulation. Try not to pull or stretch the delicate skin around the eye. The dabbing motion will give you the best result due to the active ingredients and essential oils.